Music Design is the craft, art & science of melding musical form & function in a harmonious and synergistic way. The “form” is expertly selected music while the “function” is deepening the relationship between your customers and your brand.

Just as Interior Design, Menu Design, and Graphic Design define the contours of your brand, Music Design expresses its soul. Music goes past our conscious brain and straight to our emotional core. That’s why music helps to forge a deep, long-term connection with your customers' hearts. We help you to achieve that deep connection.

There is also a great deal of research on the impact of music in public spaces: faster music tends to make people eat faster; slower or more quiet music tends to make people hang out longer; louder music tends to make people drink more...but if it's too loud, it can make people hate the space.

But when the music fits the space (and is played at an appropriate volume!), customers are more likely to return.

With our technology partners, who service spaces ranging from Tiffany to the Baccarat Hotel to Brooklyn's Berg'n, DEEP delivers its services to you through a state-of-the-art system. Your music will be simpatico with the energy of your space at all day parts and
high fidelity sound plugged directly to your sound system. You will get DEEP’s expertise delivered expertly.