Among our personalized services are “bespoke” music collections and mix-tapes, curated track by track, for your private use or for your private events.

Many of us spend several intense years of our lives absorbing music and we then “lose touch” as our priorities evolve. The joy and love of music remains but goes unfulfilled because it simply requires more time and effort than our lives may allow.

Similarly, many of us have been exposed to only a narrow sliver of the music universe. The curiosity and desire is there, but it is difficult and overwhelming to know how to explore and discover true treasures.

DEEP can help counter those unfulfilled needs through private consultations and hand-selected collections designed uniquely for you. We pour every note of our knowledge and creativity (as well as our 10,000 album collection) into transporting you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go or even through music styles you may have never even imagined.

Similarly, you may be hosting a party or an event and want a soundtrack to effuse the surroundings with a certain atmosphere. We will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your event, from its setting and intended atmosphere, to its time of day and purpose, as well as the soul of your guests and your own personality, in order to conjure a musical environment that will delight, impress, relax, or energize, according to your needs.