Track of the Day: "Party Down," by Little Beaver (1974)

It is hot. Really hot. Really. I don't go for "heat index" subjectivity, but you can feeeeel it out here. But that's cool. No problem. Hot summer days (and nights) just call for their own music. One of my favorite hot Summer albums is Miami-based soulster, Little Beaver's, Party Down album. It's sultry, without trying to stick its tongue down your throat, and funky without demanding that you die by dehydration on the dance floor. Just sweet (not cloying), smooth (not slick), and laid-back with just enough bump to keep everyone's head's bobbing in their lawn chairs or on their way to grabbing another cold one from the cooler. The whole album carries this perfect groove, from start to finish. But the title track is what always brings me back in.